“But what is it that you want ?” my friend asked me while I was sobbing over circumstances beyond my control, totally ruining my first morning coffee. I looked at her like I just had seen a camel slurping hot chocolate from a desert oasis. But I realized she had a point.

“I want a man to take me on a fancy date. But a really fancy, expensive date,” I confess to the man I met a week earlier and hardly know. I’m waiting until he gets up and leaves, but instead he grabs his wallet and slides over his credit card. “Next Friday. Get yourself something nice to wear,” and without further instructions he walks out of the coffee place with mediocre croissants.

Comes Friday. A cab picks me up and drops me off at one of the fanciest places in town. All cleaned and suited up, the man is casually leaning against the wall waiting for me. I open the car door, and slide one sparkling 8” heel at the time out of the car. In my little black dress, I stand before him and smile nervously while he checks me out. It’s the first time we see each other all dressed up. We hug and he pulls flowers out, followed by red Chanel lipstick “thought this would suit your outfit”. I smile. He offers me his arm and we disappear into a truly magical night.

I wanted to return the favor to make this charming man feel special so I drew this personalized* illustration. For the first time I printed a “woman with hat” work. I printed it 2 copies. I framed one, signed it “May all women be lucky enough to find a (wo)man who showers them with gifts” and gave one version to him. The other one is hanging in my house as a reminder to ask for what I want. At all times. Because when the time is right, you will get it.

(*) Woman is wearing the dress and lipstick I wore

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