A selection of some of the work I’m currently working on;

Architectural sketching

I’m currently focussed on learning to draw perspective theoretically (instead of from observation) and the study of light/shadow to illustrate more accurately from imagination.
I’m enrolled in the Academy of Sint Lucas in Ghent.

Ongoing – Creative guest stay

Pencienne’s place is a gallery, guest stay and place for creative workshops/events in Ghent, Belgium. An industrial, yet cozy environment, inviting and fun. Pleasant surprises lur around every corner door.

In line with my art work style, the space plays with black/white contrasts with a tad of vibrant colors.

Stay up to date

I have a stream of crazy ideas (often not executed on). I enjoy sharing these to get early feedback and give people insight into what keeps me up at night. If you’re interested in being updated of ideas, upcoming works, expositions, works for sale, please leave your email below;