A couple of months ago I got to know a guy who served me breakfast in the morning. And not just any breakfast.. he was well equipped in the pancake department. Given my love for early mornings, male humans in the kitchen and flat flour disks, it was hard not to fall in love. As time went on, the frequency of pancake parties reduced. To be fair, I did feel the need to say his pancakes could be more air-y, after he made pancakes on my birthdayparty, so I did kind of bring it on myself. Nevertheless while I am still waiting for another Nutella filled pancake with handcrushed walnuts, I keep on wondering if I could create some sort of plate hat that whips up pancakes at any time of the day. Grab one from the stack and another one appears from the bottom. A sweet and sour tribute to the man who (no longer) makes pancakes.

(Perhaps I could sell this work and buy his kitchen services.)