Born & raised in Belgium, Judith (33) developed a passion for drawing in 2017 while working as an expat in the technology scene in Dublin, Ireland. 

As an escape from the corporate, rational 010101 technology world and screens, she taught herself to draw and started exploring her imagination on paper. 

Judith depicts surreal and erotic scenes by using an illustrative style with confident lines and symbols. She believes drafts are as important as the final work as they show how the meaning of the work transformed over time.  Her aim is to inspire viewers with new ideas, make them think and challenge the status-quo.

Judith grew up in museums and is inspired by surrealism and minimalism in art forms like drawing, painting and architecture. Her favorite artists are Escher, Miró, Franz Kline & Tadao Ando.

She’s currently studying Design Sketching at the Academy of St. Lucas in Ghent.


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