In March 2021 I was diagnosed with a burnout after I’d completely broken down and started to experience panic attacks. This was new territory for me as I’m usually full of life, energy and enthusiasm. I struggled to accept I didn’t have energy at age 32. I struggled to admit I couldn’t face the pressure at work, one of the US most successful and booming technology startups, where performance is at the heart of the corporate culture. I struggled to explain to people what it felt like. I struggled to find what made me calm and relaxed. With every task I took on, I was afraid I would overdo my level of energy at that point and/or fail once more. So I did what I know best; drawing. I started illustrating what I was feeling. 

A month later, I realized that lacking confidence in myself was a core component of my burnout and I started working on that. With every day my confidence grew and I realized that my burnout was exactly what I needed to reinvent myself and kickstart my career as an artist. 

As burnouts are more and more common, I want people to understand what it feels like. But I also want to show those who experience(d) it, it’s a chance. A chance to tune into yourself and create a new life. I have never exhibited or sold any works, so as I am nearing the end of my burnout being able to exhibit works about my burnout as an official start to transition away from what gave me a burnout (the corporate world) and becoming an artist seems like a perfect narrative.

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