6PM. I walk into a local restaurant hall and take a seat. I’m eagerly looking around to see if my date is anywhere to be seen. Earlier that afternoon I asked him to go for a drink and he didn’t reply so I just plugged an after work meeting on his work calendar. One must speak to a man in the language they understand… and CEO’s speak the language of numbers, goals, and Outlook. He accepted the invite without any word about it. Would he actually show up? Who knew?

Earlier that afternoon I had also shipped my corporate computer and phone back to my company. It was the last step of my resignation process. I was enjoying my first hours of corporate freedom and just wanted to get a drink and toast to the fact I finally closed off a chapter I had been debating walking away from for months. And I wanted to celebrate with the one who actually helped me take the step by gently pushing me towards the exit door by letting me see clearly when I wasn’t able to.

6:15PM a handsome man enthusiastically walks in. “Are you always late for your meetings?” I ask. He smiles and hugs me. We order drinks and debate the menu “We’re not getting pizza here. We only get pizza from Vincenzo.” P. announces fiercely. Vincenzo is a Napolitan pizza maker in my neighborhood where we stumble in late at night and where we were waved goodbye with free Limoncello last time. Apparently since then P. swore loyalty to Vincenzo. His loyalty comes cheaper than mine, that’s clear. I managed to convince P. to get pizza anyway.

While sipping from my wine, and waiting for the most simple pizzas, I felt the excitement of not having the corporate worries anymore. And I realised the heaps of happiness in me. Because I had the courage to let go of what was draining my energy and allowed in the person giving me energy. And pizza. Lots of pizza.